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What We Do

Yegg, Inc. is a Food Distributor and an Export Management, Trading and Trade Finance company that specializes in the following areas:

Food and Dairy Products Distributor

We source and distribute most types of U.S. produced food and dairy products, U.S. made agricultural equipment and coordinate all procurement, shipment & payments to vendors.We complete the whole supply chain from farmers to market.


Agricultural Capital Equipment Broker

We can also source most of your agricultural farming capital equipment needs and coordinate all procurement, shipment and payments to all vendors under your financing arrangement. Some of the types of capital equipment are:

  • Farming and Agricultural Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trucks & Vehicles Equipment

Export Finance

We specialize in seeking structured finance solutions for you and work with international financiers and fund providers to provide you custom tailored finance solutions based on your specific needs.

We work with the largest lending institutions and Export Credit Agencies (EAC) across the globe. As well as a proprietary network of boutique banks, private finance institutions and private equity firms.

Trade/ Export Credit Insurance

In developing markets, the ability to offer credit terms is often times more important than price or product features. Export Credit insurance provides protection against the risk of default, allowing exporters to safely extend credit to foreign buyers.

As licensed credit insurance providers, we are able to obtain credit insurance through Ex-Im bank and the private-market credit insurers to cover these risks for our exporters.

This allows exporters we work with to ship goods on open or extended credit terms to foreign companies in emerging markets and benefit from potentially very profitable markets while mitigating foreign commercial and political risks.

Why Choose Yegg, Inc.

We source most types of U.S made food products and equipment and coordinate all procurement, shipment & payments to vendors. We are able to arrange financing as needed for our international buyers regardless of where they are located globally.

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We are extremely delighted with all the assistance you provided us with funding and financing several of our sales opportunities. By exposing us to the use of export credit insurance and working capital financing options, we were able to work with several of our international buyers from countries that our local banks refused to finance. We are grateful for the wonderful assistance we received from you and will continue to refer you to others that might need your services.

Thank you for helping us finance the purchase of all our Caterpillar construction equipment from the dealerships in the United States. Without your help there is no way we would have been able to buy all those equipment. We are really grateful for all your help and have notified our local banks that you will be our preferred financier for all future transactions.

We required export working capital to be able to fulfill an international order but couldn’t get financing from any of the local banks here in Los Angeles and any of the larger regional banks like Wells Fargo and Citi bank. We reached out to the folks at Yegg, Inc., and they basically saved the day by arranging working capital financing for us. Without their help we would have lost out on a $527,000 order. They obviously come highly recommended by us.

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