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Trade Finance

As your business continues to grow, there’s a very good chance that you will want to expand into conducting business internationally – more specifically, in the form of trade. Trading goods and services in the international market is a tremendous step for any company, and while it can be a difficult move to make at first, the long-term payoff is more than worth the initial efforts.

The scope of the markets your company is able to reach will be much wider than ever before, and the level of business you will be able to conduct will greatly increase.

Trade finance is essentially the financing of trade that is conducted on an international level. It’s a broad term that encapsulates lending, export credit, insurances, factoring, and issuing letters of credit. It’s no doubt that this method of financing carries a great deal of weight with it.

Transacting business across the globe comes with a long list of things that need to be considered, and trade finance helps you ensure that business is done in a fair manner. In fact, the World Trade Organization reports that, out of all global trade that is conducted, 80-90% of it is entirely reliant on trade finance methods.

Advantages of Trade Finance

  • Lots of options for flexible financing – Since trade finance covers such a wide variety of financing options, it is generally relatively simple to set up financing plans for both short and long term agreements. When you conduct business internationally, you’re going to come across deals that can be completed within a matter of days, and some that might take weeks or even months. Having such flexible methods on your side can be extremely beneficial here.
  • Enables you to focus on growing your company – Trading is important to your company’s growth, but it isn’t the only thing that requires your attention. There are other matters that need to be dealt with all the time, and the use of trade financing allows you to have a security blanket surrounding your international deals. Knowing for certain that your international business is conducted in a safe and well-trusted manner will allow you to dedicate more of your time to other pressing matters that need to be dealt with.

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